A small number of community members have attempted to misconstrue my position on equality and have made attempts to mislead others through false accusations. Here's the truth...

I strongly believe in equality for all, I believe in teaching our children to treat others with respect and through a lens of equality, and I believe that our community has the responsibility to address issues and situations that are counter to this. We cannot be complacent in these matters. Every person has immense value, and we must foster this belief in our community, especially in schools where our children are in their formative years.

However, support for equality is not chained to the organization named Black Lives Matter. I do believe the movement fostered more dialogue between people about racial equality, and dialogue is always a good thing. As for the organization itself, here is why I cannot support them specifically:

1. The founders are self-proclaimed Marxists with a stated goal “to disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.” What is a nuclear family? That’s a family unit of two parents and their children living together, regardless of race, religion, creed, or any other defining characteristics. I cannot support an organization that seeks to dismantle the concept of two parents living a life with their children.

2. The organization pushes and praises violence and destruction. I do not condone violence and destructive behavior, but I certainly do support peaceful discussion and demonstration. I believe many people fall into the latter category, but the organization BLM has chosen to push the first category many times over. I cannot support that choice.

In the summer of 2020, I was very vocal about encouraging our students to come up with their own flag to symbolize what equality and racial awareness means for Essex and Westford specifically. The BLM organization’s flag is a nationally recognized symbol that ultimately has the above two points directly tied to it. The organization’s flag is not unique to our community, and we cannot take their nationally recognized symbol and change it to mean something different. I believe our students and our community have the capability and creativity to develop our own flag or other symbolic gesture, to unite people in a positive manner.

I will always stand up for equality, and I will encourage our students and community to do the same, which I think most do. I also will not be distracted from the issues of why I am running for the School Board, which includes transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility.