Elizabeth Cady
for Better Schools

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the issues facing our students, parents, and taxpayers, and what I plan to address as an EWSD school board member. Please reach out to me at elizabeth.cady@gmail.com or 802-557-5359 if you would like to discuss school issues or find out more about my platform.

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About Me

My name is Elizabeth Cady, and I am running for the Essex/Westford School District Board, representing Essex Town.

I graduated from the University of Colorado in 2006 with a degree in International Affairs, and I have spent most of my career writing and editing for a marketing company based in Oklahoma. I have also spent time working in the US District Courts, and our family has lived in different countries and different regions of the United States during my husband's active duty service. I am a mom of two children, my oldest attending Essex Elementary from 2017-2020. I substituted at Essex Elementary during the 2019-2020 school year, and worked this year as an assistant teacher at a private school that has been open for in-person learning, 5 days a week, since the start of the 2020-21 school year.

I am running for a position on the Essex Westford School District Board, not because I have political aspirations, but because I have witnessed firsthand that our current board's priorities are not what I hope for my children, or any children, to receive out of public education. We made the decision for our children to leave the Essex Westford School District in the summer of 2020 when it became clear the board's focus was not upon returning our children to the classroom, nor were they willing to listen and respond to community input. As a taxpayer, I have been underwhelmed with the Board's fiscal decisions, especially as they offer little transparency or desire to consult the community before making these decisions.

Our school board needs board members who actively engage the community in discussions prior to making decisions. After all, the school board's role is to ensure EWSD schools and administration are responsive to the values, beliefs, and priorities of the tax payers and parents in the community; the Board must not be influenced by desires of the Administration or special interest groups.

I was told by a current board member this past summer, board members have no obligation to ask the community for input; if the community doesn't like their decisions, the community can vote them out at election time.

It is time to do just that.

It is time for board members, who believe in continued representation of the community throughout their terms, and who will look out for community interests and desires first and foremost.

It is time for our children to be back in school.

I would be honored to represent you and have your vote.


Elizabeth Cady

Essex Town